beauty with a purpose

Well, for a while I wanted to share these Ayurvedic approaches (the great traditional medicine of India). They say that beauty is under the eyes of the beholder, it is also said that people who are in love look beautiful. Ayurvedic medicine suggests that when people have a high degree of self-esteem or can see … Continúa leyendo beauty with a purpose

belleza con propósito

Bueno desde hace rato he querido compartir estas aproximaciones ayurvédicas (la gran medicina tradicional de la India). Dicen que la belleza está bajo los ojos de quien la observa, también se dice que la gente que está enamorada se ve bella. La medicina ayurveda sugiere que cuando las personas tienen un alto grado de autoestima … Continúa leyendo belleza con propósito

and so it is

So the Earth itself is living itself a major transformation, we talk about a massive destruction and we DO are facing the present that we’ve been working on during all the lifetimes on this planet, but again i think everything is about perspective and about the way we actually are living it and also the … Continúa leyendo and so it is

Yes, i’m guilty

I know, it is very dramatic to start a text like that, but you will see how beautiful it gets as you go through the paragraphs. Between every lesson, adventure and pilgrimage that this trip has been (not only this literal trip that I have been doing since June, but of life) it has shown … Continúa leyendo Yes, i’m guilty

y me declaro culpable

Lo sé, es muy dramático comenzar un texto así, pero ya verás cómo se pone de bonito al pasar de los párrafos. Entre aprendizaje, aventura y peregrinaje que este viaje ha sido (no sólo este viaje literal que estoy haciendo desde junio, sino de vida) me ha mostrado, a veces con notas amargas y muchas … Continúa leyendo y me declaro culpable